GUI Software Upgrade

includes the following:

  • Brand New Desk Top PC with windows
  • Flat Panel Monitor 17″ or larger.
  • No need for the old Interface Box
  • ALL Required Cables
  • Software Manual/Installation Intructions.
  • Full support and 1 year warranty.
  • 3 Zone Control

Features and Applications

The software upgrade replaces the PCAT 386/486 software with advanced Pentium PC with LCD monitor.

Top Reasons to Upgrade your PCAT or Rockwell:

Reason Description
Less Downtime PCAT runs with a 486/386 Series and is very hard to locate boards and repair when failed.
Graphical Control User has the ability to graph each run and manipulate in excel for research projects.
Maintenance The pyrometer versions have in the past required a technician to calibrate. The GUI software eliminates this procedure.
Cost Savings In the long run, the GUI software will save the end user time and money by providing security in reliability and performance. It is much easier to replace a new PC than a vintage, and there are no hardware changes. If the system were to fail, Engineering Solutions can send the new PC out pre loaded with the software overnight if needed to get the customer running.

Major System Features

  • Windows operating platform with GUI recipe and user management
  • MFC and independent gas line capability
  • Data Logging Capability
  • Advanced Adaptive Control of PID parameters
  • Learn Mode for ease of recipe optimization
  • Temperature stability of +/-1.5